The Game

Please note that the date mentioned in the video is wrong. The actual date of the tournament will be on Sunday, August 28, 2022 (1 PM - 6 PM)


Freight Fight is a completely new challenge with the goal of helping FTC teams in the San Diego region develop their technical skills for next season. Here's how it works!


The field is a 4x4 tile field with two alliances blue (left) and red (right). Alliances will consist of only ONE team.

The bottom 8 tiles of the field are designated as the Warehouse. Marked by a straight white line, the Warehouse is where robots can enter and pickup freight to score.

Near the top of the field is the Depot. Marked by another white line, the Depot is designated as the area in which robots can score freight.

Surrounding the Depot are several barriers. When setting up the field make sure to only use the short version of the barriers (28 in). In a full field, there should be four barriers set up as shown in the diagram to the left. These barriers serve as a unique challenge to scoring.

In the upper corners are two carousels. Blue and red accordingly. During the start of the game there should be 10 ducks on each side with one duck placed on the carousel for autonomous and the remaining 9 placed next to the carousel.

And finally, in between the barriers is the Shared Shipping Hub.



Opposing teams place their robots on the tile between the Warehouse and Depot and load their robot with a pre-load freight. Once placed teams should initialize their robots and wait for the game to start.

Autonomous (30 secs)

At the start of the game, there is a 30-second autonomous period. During this time robots can score points in three main ways. Firstly, robots may go into the warehouse and take ONE freight following proper warehouse operations (as detailed below) and score on their side of the designated Shared Shipping Hub. To score robots must follow Depot Operations (detailed below) Robots can continue doing this for the entirety of the autonomous period. The second way robots can score is by spinning off the preloaded duck on the carousel. Robots are allowed to pick up this duck and score on the shipping hub for additional points. And lastly, robots can score by parking in the Warehouse at the end of the autonomous period. They can either be partially or fully within the warehouse.

Teleop (1 minute 30 secs)

After the 30 second autonomous period, there is the teleop period. During this time frame, robots can score by placing freight on the shared shipping hub. They must however follow proper Warehouse and Depot Operations. Additional points will be given to the side in which the shared shipping hub tilts towards.

Endgame (30 secs)

After the telop period, there is the Endgame. During this 30 second window teams, in addition, to scoring the same way as in teleop, can also recieve points for spinning ducks off the carousel or by parking (paritally or completely) in the warehouse.

Warehouse and Depot Operations

Warehouse Operations: Robots must go completely within the marked off zone of the Warehouse and take ONE freight and then move completely out of the zone.

Depot Operations: Robots must go completely within the marked off zone to score freight. Teams, if they want however, may drop off freight in the Depot but not score them until later. They still must go completely within the Depot each time.