We're team 11212, The Clueless! We started in FLL in 2016 although the original members have since graduated. We're a community team with members from four local high schools based out of a garage in Rancho Peñasquitos, San Diego. We currently have 14 members, passionate about robotics and excited to be in the FIRST community! 

We do our best to post regularly on our Instagram and YouTube channel. If you want to reach out, DM us on Instagram or send an email!




The Clueless


Why are you called The Clueless?

When the original members were first choosing a name, it was between The Clueless and The Hummingbirds and we didn't want to dress up as hummingbirds at competition!

Advice on building a competitive robot?

Reiteration! Historically we don't perform very well at the beginning of the season but are generally able to have a successfully robot by the end of the season. This is because while our original ideas aren't necessarily the best, but are able to improve through time commitment, constant testing of subsystems, the willingness to replace old subsystems, and attention to detail!

How can I join?

We generally start recruiting at around around May, so be on the look out for Instagram posts about recruitment or an open house! We spend the summer working on an offseason challenge and robot which is a really valuable time to explore the mechanical, software, and outreach subteams.